Joanne Freeman

Joanne B. Freeman is a Professor of History and American Studies at Yale University, specializing in the politics and political culture of revolutionary and early national America. She is the author of the award-winning Affairs of Honor: National Politics in the New Republic and editor of Alexander Hamilton: Writings. A frequent lecturer on America’s Founding period, Freeman has appeared on PBS, The History Channel, NPR, CNN, and BBC Radio, among others. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, Atlantic Magazine, and Slate Magazine, as well as in many scholarly publications. One of the nation’s leading experts on Alexander Hamilton, she was a leading consultant for the National Park Service’s reconstruction of his home, The Grange. Freeman serves on the board of the National Council for History Education, the Library of America, and the International Center for Jefferson Studies. She is currently completing her third book, The Field of Blood: Congressional Violence and the Road to Civil War, a study of physical violence in the U.S. Congress, and beginning her fourth book, Hunting for Hamilton, an introduction to the fun and challenges of getting to know Hamilton and his world.